For My Followers: Why I’m Reducing My Presence on Medium

And where to find my in-depth articles from now on

Alastair Williams


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I should probably have written this a year ago.

Five years ago I started writing on Medium. To this day I am not quite sure why; nor why I began by writing about rockets. Before that I wrote about photography, a topic on which I occasionally still do write, and still enjoy.

Yet somehow I started writing. At first, like everyone, I got little response. Seventeen people read my first article, a little noticed piece on a then new rocket. Yet in the months that followed some of my articles grew popular, and Medium even paid me a decent amount for them.

That gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going. Writing, it must be said, is hard. Exposing a piece to public scrutiny can be a galling, humbling experience, especially for a new writer. Yet the early successes I had on Medium inspired me to keep going, and gave me something to focus on as COVID-19 shut down the rest of my world.

Since then, I’ve been regularly recognised as one of the top writers on Medium, something I’m proud of. I’ve had my work published in real world magazines; even made the front cover of some of them. I’ve had articles on Medium go viral, attracting tens of thousands of readers; and now have more than eight thousand of you kind followers.

It has, in short, been a good ride. But over the past year I’ve found myself gradually drifting away from Medium. I now publish much of my work directly, through my own newsletter, an arrangement that gives me more control over the distribution and audience of my work.

This is not quite game over for me and Medium. I will continue to publish and repost articles here from time to time. But this is a signal of intent to step back and reduce my commitment, as well as a farewell of sorts.

Medium has treated me well over the years, and helped spark my interest in writing. But now I feel the time has come to forge a more independent identity as a writer. Medium, unfortunately, is not the place for that.



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